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Unique viewpoints

We all have different opinions, different views on life, different ways of expressing love, and different ways of doing “what’s right”. That is what makes us unique, paving our own paths of learning and living. 

Our viewpoints are shaped by the sum of our experiences, making them inherently subjective. 

None of us hold the complete truth at all times. Keep that in mind when judging an experience or someone else’s viewpoint. Striving to understand instead of judge and react.

Let's be mindful of this truth and make space in our hearts for perspectives that diverge from our own. Let's lend an ear to those whose very existence challenges our beliefs. 

Just like you want to be able to show up as your true and authentic self, with your unique and specific beliefs and ways, someone with a different perspective does too. 

Someone with a different opinion does not take that point of view with the intention to hurt someone with the opposite opinion. We are all doing what we believe to be right. 

When we listen, we can learn..

It's in these moments of open-hearted listening that we grow, evolve, and discover the beauty in our diverse humanity. 

How can you learn from an opposing view today? How does this mirror your own behavior and personality?


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