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What is yoga?

What is yoga? 

It can be a difficult thing to answer in just one single phrase. Especially because people often see it only as a physical practice of yoga postures. But as most sincere practitioners know true yoga goes far beyond that.

According to sage Patañjali Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind “yogaḥ citta-vṛtti-nirodhaḥ”.

If you immerse yourself into the practice you will come to find that postures and techniques are just tools to get to what Patañjali is talking about. It can transform into a state of being, but it is a journey that unfolds with each sincere and dedicated practice on and off the yoga mat. The lessons will unfold themselves gradually, over time. The more effort you pour in, the more you will receive in return if you practice sincerely and without expectations. 

How has yoga, as a state of being more than simply “doing”, unfolded in your life? 

May your practice always continue to be a path of growth and especially self-discovery.

Come and practice with me at Happy Hippiez Yoga and Yoga Madeira (@madeiraislandyoga on instagram).

See you on the mat!


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