"I always really enjoyed Desiree's classes. She can see when you're struggling and provides extra guidance to get into the posture without hurting yourself. My yoga practice has become much better since I started taking her classes. She is also super kind!"


The Netherlands

"I love attending Happy Hippiez Yoga classes and now hate if I have to miss any sessions! It’s the perfect way to end a day of work during the week, and so good to start the weekend off right on a Saturday."


The U.K.

"​Being away from home and beloved ones can be hard, but Happy Hippiez Yoga classes are always welcoming and make me feel at home. Thanks to yoga my experience as a student leads me to a journey of all-round self-discovering."



"I enjoy going to Happy Hippiez's yoga classes. A wonderful moment where you can completely relax. It is so nice to be able to take these classes with Desirée. She is very enthusiastic and has a certain calmness about her. I can recommend yoga at Happy Hippiez to everyone!"


The Netherlands

"Desirée is a professional and helpful yoga teacher. She gives really good classes with pleasant and calm explanations. Desirée has a great personality that certainly contributes to her relaxing classes! I am very enthusiastic about the classes I’ve followed at Happy Hippiez, would definitely recommend her as a yoga teacher!"

Olivia Quadaekers

The Netherlands

"When coming to Maastricht I first was afraid to not have my established yoga routine anymore. I'm pretty happy that I found Desiree's classes, because she is my "new" routine and even adds new things to my practise. I really enjoy her classes, I enjoy the community she creates and that I can be a part of it."



"Desiree was my first ever yoga instructor and she successfully made me fall in love with yoga. Her calming Vinyasa flow programme alongside with her peaceful and warm voice help me deal with anxiety and my day gets better immediately. Even though I was very hesitant in the beginning since I’ve never tried yoga before, now I cannot miss a class!"



"Practice yoga it’s an amazing experience! The benefits are countless. In particular for students it’s a great opportunity to relax and get in touch with ourselves. My experience has been great and I highly recommend it!"

Chiara Magliulo


"Not only were the classes a lot of fun, the teacher was absolutely wonderful. My posture, well-being, and happiness improved greatly. Thank you!"