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Aloha! My name is Desirée, but you can call me Dees or Desi. I was born and raised in The Netherlands, where I never really felt like I belonged. 


Travel proved to be the perfect way to discover myself, and so I packed up and moved to Italy when I was 18. After living there, and enjoying life to the fullest, I continued my travels and visited places all over the world. I met so many incredible people, learned from them, about their lifestyles, different cultures, different ways of being and thinking. The biggest transformation for me was visiting Maui, Hawaii, where I went to practice yoga. I no longer felt out of place. I had found my people, my tribe, my fellow happy hippiez. I returned knowing in my heart that I didn’t need to dim my light in order to fit in. We are not here to blend in with the crowd. We are here to stand out!


That’s when I changed my career path, and fully committed to only doing those very things that would light up my life and make my heart happy. At the beginning of 2020 I started my company ‘Happy Hippiez’, the (virtual) yoga studio and where I offer life coaching (focused on Self Love). 


In my spare time I love to be creative, cook delicious vegan dishes, go outside, and take photos. I’m always happiest when surrounded by my family, loved ones, and my sweet dogs.


I’m looking forward to meeting you on the mat!


I took my first yoga class in 2009, and fell in love with both the physical practice of yoga āsana, as well as the spiritual practice. With a deep interest for a holistic approach to life, I decided to study natural nutrition and Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest healing systems that originated in India.


After taking many different styles of yoga classes, I found Ashtanga Yoga, which made the biggest difference in my life. I have been practicing daily, six days a week, ever since. Because of this love for the practice I decided to not only be a student of yoga, but to also become a teacher of yoga. I practice Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Philosophy under the guidance of my wonderful teachers.


To this day, I continue to practice and study what I teach. My own sadhana (dedicated study) will be forever ongoing. I follow the traditional lineage of the teachings of Ashtanga Yoga. I am a certified yoga teacher with over 1600 hours of training, a TCYM-T (Trauma-Conscious Yoga Teacher), a verified E-RYT-200, RYT-500, YACEP, and RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) with Yoga Alliance. I am also a member of the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. In order to be able to share this beautiful practice with others I am committed to my own practice. I fully believe in practicing what I teach, and teaching what I practice.


My love for yoga has inspired me to take multiple teacher trainings, and my yoga education is based on Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, and Trauma Conscious Yoga. Trauma Conscious Yoga is a combination of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga with Somatic Psychotherapy and Indigenous Healing Practices. I am also a certified and registered Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga teacher. I am also deeply invested in an in-depth study of the ancient scriptures of yoga (like Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali Yog Darshan) with my Yoga Philosophy teacher Ruchika Sharan.


My main teachings are focused and based on Ashtanga Yoga, but I also teach the above mentioned styles of yoga, and Hot Yoga, (Bikram Style) Yoga, Power Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative Yoga. Besides these yoga classes I host regular Full Moon and New Moon Rituals and Cacao Ceremonies.

For me yoga means coming home to myself. On the yoga mat I learn what helps me in my daily life off the mat. Practice can be challenging. Ashtanga Yoga is not only headstands and fancy postures. Every time you step on the mat and commit to your practice, it offers a mirror to the inner self. That is such a gift!
It is not about what it looks like, but what it feels like. Are you feeling what you’re feeling? Are you more aware of what your body is feeling and experiencing while you are practicing?
By consistently showing up on my mat, being committed to my own sadhana, practicing yoga (both the practice of yoga āsana and the other limbs of yoga), I feel more in alignment and connected with my true self. It has taught me to be authentically myself and to follow my path. Plus it teaches me to surrender to the practice every day.


I value that students feel at home, and safe to deepen their practice. My classes are fun, supportive, welcoming, and for everyone to benefit from. Wherever you are on your path, I will make sure to give you personal guidance, even in group classes. Students make big transformations in their practice, and grow a lot. I invite you to drop in for a class, and experience for yourself.

Happy Hippiez is so much more than just a yoga studio. Feel welcome in our community of kindness and acceptance. A place to feel peaceful and at home. A place to laugh and connect. A place for healing mind and body. A place where you are seen and heard.


I’m looking forward to seeing you on the mat! Let’s practice together.


Come and join a practice with me and I will show you that it is a very different experience that you might have experienced before.
In my opinion, as a yoga teacher you hold a great responsibility. You are working with someone’s body, and that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Knowing anatomy, knowing the body and its mechanics, that is a big part and important essence of what makes a good yoga teacher. You are working on someone’s body and every body is different, and I find it very important as your teacher to know what you need, and what your body can do.
And it goes beyond that, I believe. For me, a good yoga teacher practices what they teach, and has taken their training very seriously. I have taken over 1600 hours in teacher trainings myself and have my own daily yoga asana practice, plus I study the ancient classical texts and philosophy. Upholding a safe space & supportive and loving community for you to grow in your practice.
I dedicate my life to the spiritual practice of yoga and am here to support and guide you in your practice. 
Would you like to join me for a yoga class? I will show you what yoga is and how it can benefit you. Experience it for yourself, sign up today. 

Join me, I know you will love it.
See you on the yoga mat!



☾⋆ YACEP with Yoga Alliance (Continuing Education Provider)

☾⋆ E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)

☾⋆ RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance (Registered Yoga Teacher)

☾⋆ RPYT with Yoga Alliance (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher)

☾⋆ TCYM-T (Trauma Conscious Yoga Method Teacher)

☾⋆ Member of the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association


☾⋆ UPCOMING 2024: 6 month Ashtanga Practitioners Intensive at Miami Life Center, 300h

☾⋆ Vedic Philosophy with Edwin Bryant

☾⋆ Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali with Edwin Bryant, 25h

☾⋆ Continued Studies of the Yoga Philosophical Scriptures 1:1 with Ruchika Sharan

☾⋆ The Spiritual Hustle, Live Business Training with Kino MacGregor, 15h

☾⋆ Ashtanga Yoga Weekend with David Swenson (Primary & Intermediate series)

☾⋆ Ashtanga Vinyasa & Hatha Teacher Training, (Primary & Interm.) Om Yoga Rishikesh, 500h

☾⋆ Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training, 25h

☾⋆ Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, Mysore Yoga Teacher Training Institute, 200h

☾⋆ Ashtanga Yoga Adjustments Teacher Training (Primary & Intermediate series)

☾⋆ Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 300h

☾⋆ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 200h

☾⋆ Trauma-Conscious Yoga Teacher Training

☾⋆ Prenatal (pregnancy) Yoga Teacher Training, 85h

☾⋆ Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training, 20h

☾⋆ Applied Anatomy workshops with Tim Feldmann, 25h

☾⋆ Ashtanga Pre-Teacher Training, 40h


☾⋆ Coaching (life coaching, business coaching)

      with a specialty in Self Love Coaching


☾⋆ Ayurveda

☾⋆ Mindfulness trainings

☾⋆ Natural Food Advisor / Nutritionist

PRACTICED workshops & Ashtanga Led CLASSES WITH

Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann, David Swenson, Sharath Jois, Laruga Glaser, Petri Räisänen, Harmony Slater


How can I serve you?




Practice with me and an international community of yogis all around the world, by joining one of the classes I teach at Happy Hippiez or make it more personal by booking a private yoga session, where I'll guide you through the yoga style of your choice.


HAPPY food


Get inspired to cook many different vegan recipes and try out some dishes you might have never tasted before. Have a look at the plant based cookbook I have launched with Mo Ismaeel called

"Happy Hippiez Kitchen"

filled with over 80 tasty recipes




Stay up to date with many of the wellness practices I share. Everything from meditation, journaling, high vibe practices, to living a healthy and authentic lifestyle in general.

Check out my on-demand Self Love program to love the most beautiful being there is: YOU!

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