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What is happiness to you? 

In my life I try not to see happiness as a destination but more as part of my journey. 

When I was younger I tried to attain happiness and chase it. I thought happiness could be found in material things, however fleeting those perceived blissful moments were.

Nowadays I no longer believe material possessions bring the happiness that most of us our searching for. 

If we live life harmoniously and don't strive directly for happiness but instead cultivate the foundation upon which peace and love can grow we can invite so much more into our lives.

We can be present and see ourselves and our life for what it truly is: already beautiful.

We can't force happiness, but we can extend an invitation. By aligning with our authentic selves, we open our hearts to joy and peace.

The more I invest in learning all the lessons from my practice, the more I see yoga as a sacred space to learn the skills of growth and deep self awareness. 

Every posture and every breath becomes a teacher on its own, and is an invitation to live in more peace and mindful harmony.

I am curious to know: How do you invite happiness into your life? 


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