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The Hague

I absolutely love The Hague. It might be my very favorite part of The Netherlands. As much as I love Maastricht, there is just something so magical about the grandness of The Hague, and the tranquility of Scheveningen. It has everything you could possibly want: big city life, and quiet and peaceful beach areas. My heart is always filled with so much joy whenever I visit.

I’ll be sharing my tips for both The Hague and the nearby Scheveningen. 

Vegane Glorie

Yummy lunch at Vegane Glorie



Address: Douzastraat 1, 2581 RV The Hague, NL


I had the Pita Ostra which was yummy. Not something I’d usually pick but I thought it would be a great thing to give a try, and it was absolutely delicious! Mo had the soup of the day, which was a sweet potato soup. As a desert we chose the vegan brownie. They don’t share the recipe with you but you can give this divine treat a taste. I believe they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays, so make sure to check before you go. And I also like to make a reservation when coming here, to be sure of a spot.



Address: Frederikstraat 44, 2514 LL The Hague, NL


A cosy little lunchspot offering healthy, yummy, and freshly made breakfast and lunch. Their open kitchen is right in the middle of the restaurant and their food is very good! They also have a tiny little garden in the back of the lunchroom.

They also do catering and offer cooking workshops. I've haven't tried those before, but definitely let me know what that is like if you do!


Address: Strand Noord 2b, 2586 ZZ Scheveningen, NL


This place offers lovely Hawaiian vibes, great music, and delicious foods. You can sit inside and outside. Their terrace is so cute, especially when the weather is nice and sunny.


For lunch Mo and I both enjoyed the Avocado Toast, which they can prepare vegan for you if you ask the waiters. Their food really fuels you after a nice surf.


They also have a surf school and offer surf lessons. I will talk more about the surf school when you scroll down! 

Aloha lunch time

After Surf lunch at Aloha

Surfing with my bestie

Surfing at Scheveningen Beach



Address: Strandweg 150-154, 2586 JW The Hague, NL

The beach is my happy place, especially when the weather is good. And The Netherlands actually has some pretty good beaches. One of my favorites: Scheveningen Beach. You can walk near the waters or on the promenade, and find many cute restaurants here. You can also go to the Scheveningen Pier, which has many restaurants and cafes too. There you’ll be seated inside, where it’s nice and warm. And if you ever want to give surfing a try, definitely go to Scheveningen Beach! I wil recommend my favorite surf school and surf spot next, so read on :) The above mentioned address is from the Pier.



Address: Strand Noord 2b, 2586 ZZ Scheveningen, NL


When in Scheveningen, for sure give surfing a try! The first time I went surfing Mo treated me to a lesson at Aloha Surf School, and they take such great care of you! Not only can they explain how to surf safely, their beach club is full of Hawaiian vibes, and yummy foods! They offer vegan food as well, so make sure to ask the waiters which foods you can eat.


Address: Grote Markt 28, 2511 BG The Hague, NL


This super cute hotel in the middle of the center, on the Grote Markt of The Hague, is such a recommendation! The staff is lovely and very caring, and the rooms are brand new and very clean.

Zeta Hotel

Zeta Hotel


Beach time with my ADMV

Lovely days at the beach in Scheveningen

Lunch at Foam The Hague

Lunch at Foam

Yummy lunch at Vegane Glorie in The Hague

Vegan lunch at Vegane Glorie

Scheveningen Beach

Scheveningen Beach

Lunch at Aloha, Scheveningen

Enjoying the sunny weather and lunch at Aloha

Drinks at Foam

Drinks at Foam

Scheveningen Pier

View from the Scheveningen Pier


Are we getting a PUPPY_ 🐶 Weekend BEACHY getaway 🏝

Are we getting a PUPPY? 🐶 Weekend BEACHY getaway 🏝 at The Hague and Scheveningen

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