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I was born in Maastricht, The Netherlands, and to this day I love this beautiful city. There is a lot to do and see around town, so let me be your guide.

From roaming the ancient streets to my favorite little cafes and places to eat. The city is very welcoming and hosts many nationalities, and students from all over the world. Yet is still holds a very calm and authentic vibe.

The city center holds a lot of beauty and ancient history, and the surrounding areas are equally as beautiful to discover. Go for a nice walk on the St. Pietersberg, and have a yummy lunch or dinner after, at one of my favorite places to eat. Continue reading below to find out my favorite places to practice yoga, to eat, and what to explore!



Address: Kardinaal van Rossumplein 99, Maastricht

Of course I had to start with Happy Hippiez Yoga. Maastricht is the place where it all started for me. I teach regular pop-up yoga classes around the city, so make sure to keep an eye out for those!

We also teach weekly in-person yoga classes at our studio. Drop by for a wonderful Saturday morning Easy Flow practice, enjoy our lovely community, and stay for some warm tea. Check the schedule for the most updated times and classes we are teaching!


If you prefer to practice yoga from the comfort of your own home, then take a look at either our member area, which is a library filled with on-demand yoga classes in different styles and different levels. You can also check our online schedule, and practice a live online class.

If you have any questions in regards to any of the classes, feel free to reach out! We'd love to see you on the yoga mat during one of our classes.

IMG_9937-2 2.JPG

Practice with me in-person or online!


Lunch at Bijzonder

Yummy and special lunch at Bijzonder


Address: Wycker Brugstraat 31, 6221 EB Maastricht, NL


My absolute fave lunch and coffee spot is Bagels & Beans. Of course I had to start with this one. If you've ever watched any of my videos, you'll know ;)

What I love to order: Matcha latte with oat milk (it is typically served with soy milk, which I am not a fan of, so order the oat milk alternative instead and thank me later!), and either a whole wheat Hummus bagel or Mega Vega.



Address: Luikerweg 33, 6212 ET Maastricht, NL


Bijzonder serves the most delicious and special (Bijzonder means special) vegan lunches and dinners. Their menu changes is 100% gluten free, changes every season, and they use organic and locally produced goods. They also serve breakfast, but I have never tried their breakkie menu. If you are not plant based, they have plenty of non vegan options as well. Their menu started out clearly stating which dishes were vegan, but nowadays you can ask them and they will explain it to you. They make the most epic crackers & dip, which these days I am not sure is still on the menu. However, I always ask for them and they do still serve them ;) Another tip is to try their vegan deserts. They are always super tasty.


Address: Markt 15, 6211 CJ Maastricht, NL


For the yummiest juices and delicious bites go to SAP on the market square of town. They have a cute outside seating area in the back ;)


By the way, did you know you can purchase our plant based cookbook Happy Hippiez Kitchen here?!



Address: Heggenstraat 7, 6211 GW Maastricht, NL


Super cozy cafe with a beautiful little outdoor garden. Serves delicious vegan drinks and breakfast and lunch, like smoothie bowls.


Address: Rechtstraat 78, 6221 EL Maastricht, NL


For an epic vegan dinner Eetcafe Ceramique is a must! They used to serve the most yummy vegan mushrooms as a started, but I believed it is no longer on the menu. However, everything I have ever eaten here is absolutely mouthwatering yummy! About half their menu is completely vegan. Definitely recommend!


Breakfast at Livin' Room

Sapjes from Sap

Delicious juices from SAP


Address: Achter Het Vleeshuis 27, 6211 GR Maastricht, NL


This super cute Indian restaurant offers delicious meals, and they have vegan options! Mention this to the owner and he will let you know which dishes are suitable for you! The owner is the absolute sweetest man you will meet, and the dinners are totally yummy! We go here for dinner very often, and also order take-out from them as well. Yum!


Address: Ambyerstraat-Noord 44, A04, 6225 EE Maastricht, NL


This cute little restaurant serves the most delicious and authentic middle eastern food, with many vegan choices. We like to order the mezze, paired with falafel and hummus. 


Make sure to tell them multiple times that you are vegan, and I definitely recommend speaking to the owner and chef! The other people in the staff have no idea what vegan is, so check, check, double check! The chef however is very knowledgeable and can recommend vegan dishes.



Address: Griendpark, 6221 XP Maastricht, NL


Lovely park area by the Maas. There’s a great skating area here as well! Close to the central station of Maastricht, in the area called Wyck, where I live. This is my absolute favorite spot to hang out during the warmer days. People get together here for lovely picnics and fun while tanning. It is a very welcoming area, with people hanging out that just want to relax and chill.. Definitely recommend! You will for sure catch me here when the sun is out.



Address: Lage Frontweg, 6219 PD Maastricht, NL

Both the Hoge and Lage Fronten in Maastricht are lovely nature areas to go for a nice walk (Frontenpark). At Happy Hippiez Yoga we organized a great pop-up event here, in the middle of nature, where we celebrated Summer Solstice and International Yoga Day.


Filming at Nature Preserve Sint Pietersberg

Explore Maastricht

Lunch stop at Bijzonder after visiting the St. Pietersberg


Address Dog Area: Luikerweg 71, 6212 NH Maastricht, NL

Address Nature Preserve: Lage Kanaaldijk 117, 6212 NA Maastricht, NL


Nature preserve Sint Pietersberg can be entered from many different parts of Maastricht. You have a great and big area for dogs to run freely in the special dog area. to enter this are, you can park your car at the "Oog van Sint Pieter”, address can be found above. There is a cute picnic table right at the center of this dog area, if you wanna stay a bit longer and have a snack there. There is also a cafe at the entrance of the dog area, so you can have a coffee or tea before or after letting you dog run freely. If you walk up the hill alongside this cafe, you will find the nature preserve.


Another place to enter the nature preserve is by parking your car near the Lage Kanaaldijk. This is the area where the photo below was taken. This is the south entrance, and the Eye of St. Pieter is the northern entrance. There is a great viewpoint over the quarry there, and you can go for a nice walk. Bear in mind that dogs asre not allowed to enter the ‘groeve’ (the quarry). They can only enter the designated dog area.


After visiting this beautiful nature preserve make sure to stop by Bijzonder, for either lunch or dinner. Their food is absolutely yummy!


Bijzonder brood with avocado and tempeh at Bijzonder

Bijzonder brood with avocado and tempeh at Bijzonder

Happy gall at Sap

Enjoying the sun at SAP, can you spot our cookbook?


De Griend, great during summer for picnic near the Maas

Mezze at King George

Mezze at King George

International Yoga Day Event

Happy Hippiez Yoga pop-up event, Lage Fronten


Sint Pietersberg Nature Preserve

Yummyness at Bagels and Beans

Yummyness at Bagels and Beans

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