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Moon Rituals E-book

E-book about Rituals and practices for

both the Full Moon and the New Moon


Are you, too, fascinated by the powers of the Moon? If you'd like to learn more about Moon Rituals, and want to start your own Moon Ritual practice, have a look at our Moon Rituals E-Book. A book filled with knowledge, tips, and practices for those special moon days.

The moon affects the body, mind, and emotions greatly. Moon days bring spiritual energy along for us to tap into. During these days we can take the time to get rid of old energies and habits, allowing ourselves to create a new set of habits and therefore a new future. It is the perfect time for cleansing mind, body, and soul.

To purchase your E-Book, click on the button below. Payment is done through credit card. In case you'd like to pay differently, feel free to reach out. We can send you an invoice after ordering! You can download your E-Book immediately after purchasing,

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