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The myth of Padmasana

The myth we will be discussing today is about Padmasana, lotus pose. This pose helps us to be grounded and connected to the earth, which is great for seated meditation.

The myth of this asana is that Vishnu, who is said to be the protector of the Universe, was comfortably seated on his couch, the serpent Ananta, with thousand heads. From Vishnu’s navel a lotus flower sprouted, with four faces looking north, east, south and west. These were the faces of Brahma, the deity of creation.

The lotus represents perfection and purity. Very often this can be a difficult asana to come into, when the hips are still very tight. Over time, with practice we can allow them to soften. This reminds us of the actual lotus flower that blooms in India, even from the dirtiest waters and swamps, seeking its way up to the sun and the light.

We too can blossom even if it might seem difficult at the start.


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